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also resigned today, rebecca brooks. she worked under henton when illegal phone hacking took place. the most damaging accusations over the years, the one that triggered this crisis led rupert murdock to an unlikely meeting here. rupert murdock met with millie dowler's family, the young girl whose phone was hacked by reporters. when the meeting ended, murdock was greeted outside by cat calls. he was ushered inside but wouldn't stay there long. >> as founder of the company i was appalled and i will find out when it happened. and i apologize. >> reporter: earlier in the tied today, the head of news international, rebecca brooks resigned. in a letter to her staff who wrote, this is now detracted attention from all our honest endeavors to fix the problems of the past. those endeavors began this week with shutting down the news of the world and then news corps backed out of a multimillion dollar merger with bskyb. brook's resignation today will be followed by a letter of apology by rupert murdock himself printed in british papers tomorrow. we are sorry for the serious wrong doing that oc
brooks is the most high profile casualty in the scandal that has spread to both sides of the lan tick. she has been at the heart of the storm sweeping rupert murdoch's media empire and remained by his side. now she has decided to step away. in her statement she said, as you can imagine recent times have been tough. i now need to concentrate on rebutting allegations about my record as a journalist and editor and executive. ms. brooks said she felt a deep sense of responsibility for the people news international had hurt. >> i'm pleased that rebecca brooks had finally accepted responsibility for what happened in watch as editor for "the news of the world" with the phone hacking. as i said when i called for her resignation this isn't about one individual. it's about the culture of an organization. the man picked to replace rebecca brooks is already at his desk. tom markridge has been brought from italy. james murdoch thanked ms. brook for 22 years of service adding she has been one of the outstanding editors of her generation and she can be proud in her accomplishments. we applaud her to
today is not the end of the story but with the resignation of rebecca brooks on tuesday, this is a story which will run for months if not years with police investigations, judicial inquiries, lawsuits and any number of other threats still piling up against the company, but it's a significant day. >> charlie: the president's press conference, global implications for europe and the united states and the rupert murdoch case. funding for charlie rose was provided by the following: every story needs a hero we can all root for. who beats the odds and comes out on top. additional funding provided by these funders: but this isn't just a hollywood storyline. it's happening every da all across america. every time a storefront opens. or the midnight oil is burned. or when someone chases a dream, not just a dollar. they are small business owners. so if you wanna root for a real hero, support small business. shop small. additional funding pvided by these funders: captioning sponsored b rose communications from our studios in new york citythiss charlie rose. >> charlie: president obama had a press con
papers wrongdoing. rebecca brooks is the high profile casualties so far. now she has decided to step away. in her statement, she said, as you can imagine, recent times have been tough. i now need to concentrate on correcting the distortions and facing allegations of corruption. >> i am pleased that rebekah brooks has finally set the responsibility for what happened on her watch as editor of "news of the world," the hacking of the phones. i called for her resignation 10 days ago. this is not about one individual. it is about the culture of an organization. >> the man chosen to replace her his already at his desk. writing to all news international staff, and james murdock thanked mr. brooks for 22 years of service, adding, she has been one of the outstanding editors of her generation and she can be proud of many accomplishments as an executive. we support her arrest she takes steps to clear her name. that is not a view echoed in the house of lords as one of the most vocal critics referred to her stated desire to remain on the bridge. >> she now says she likes to be on the bridge. i would no
city council members, dudley brooks and another woman had their cars burglarized at lake merritt in june. ignacio de la fuente had a case full of cash and concert tickets stolen from his car but they got help from a high level friend. >> so yes, i did call keith jordan simply for purposes of seeing if he could check to see how long it was going to take to dispatch someone out. >> reporter: at a press conference today, the councilman de la fuente admitted he too called the assistant chief howard jordan after his break-in. >> i call the chief of police all the time. >> reporter: both insist they did nothing wrong. >> i didn't get special treatment. >> reporter: nothing wrong? >> nothing wrong. >> reporter: but officers were sent to both scenes when brooks and de la fuente were robbed. brooks says it was because there was still a suspect at her scene. >> the little of response is based on the fact that there was a suspect in the area and they were coming out because there were still some information that was actionable upon. >> reporter: turns out our purse snatching victim got the
manager brooke. [applause] he is working closely with edgar lopez, who manages all of our major projects, but was here pretty much from day one. they are being supported by our city engineers and the rest of the department coming together to deliver a great project to the ratepayers of san francisco. we're so happy to be a part of this. congratulations to the puc on getting to this point, the topping off ceremony. [applause] >> as the owners, we are certainly willing to move in, but we are not building the building. representing the builders is andy of webcor. [applause] >> it is great to be here. most people do not realize this building almost did not happen. i was at a green building conference and i ran into mayor gavin newsom. he said, we are not going to build that building. we cannot afford to. i said, mayor, you cannot afford not to. this building will be an example of what all cities should build. with the energy savings that were mentioned, this building will be like no others. when the city starts to operate, they will say, why did we not do this before? it is a wonderful thing
monitoring. >> woodruff: mark shields and david brooks analyze the week's news. >> suarez: and hari sreenivasan previews the coming clash between the u.s. and japanese teams in the women's world cup final with christine brennan of "u.s.a. today" and abc. >> this is really a little bit about soccer and a lot about nationalism and about, whether it's tidally-winks or soccer, americans want to see americans win. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> well, the best companies are driven by new ideas. >> our history depends on new ideas. we spend billions on advanced technologies. >> it's all about investing in the future. >> we can find new energy-- more cleaner, safer and smarter. >> collaborating with the best in the field. >> chevron works with the smartest people at leading universities and tech companies. >> and yet, it's really basic. >> it's paying off everyday. and the william and flora hewlett foundation, working to solve social and environmental problems at home and around the world. and with the ongoi
for investigation on potentially news worthy stories. on friday, rebecca brooks, the chief executive of newscorp's newspaper unit, news international which publishes the times and the sun, resigned, saying, as chief executive of the company i feel a deep sense of responsibility for the people we've hurt and sorry for what we now know to have taken place. newscorp is the parents company of fox news channel. the chase involving the 13-year-old girl that got the investigation rolling or people steamed. >> i agree, it was outrageous p and the way you detailed it there, the family had false hope. whatever criminality might be there, it's incredibly immoral and the people who did it shouldn't be called journalists. >> jon: there's a full page apology from rupert murdoch, reading we are sorry and the news of the world was in the business of holding others to account, it failed when it comes to itself. we are sorry for the serious wrongdoing that occurred, we are deeply sorry for the hurt suffered-- . >> this is the latest case of piling on since the last rugby came. the left has been out to get newscor
rebecca brooks announced her resignation. she was editor of news the world. rupert murdoch apologized for serious wrongdoing in a full page ad. news international is owned by news corp. a parent company much fox news we have serious heat advisories. meteorologist maymariah molina has more. >> good to see you. we have a heat wave in transmittal portions of the u.s.. i want to point out. we have a new storm system arrive negligent pacific northwest and bringing cooler in seattle. today's high only 68 degrees. heading east bound and highs in the 90s from rapid city to minneapolis and across portions of texas. dallas triple at 100 degrees . factor in the humidity and that's what we are talking about dangerous heat. there is a number of warnings stretching from north dakota and missouri and portions of congress congress and oklahoma. it is dangerous conditions with heat index up to 115 degrees. you need to take precautions and say hydrate lighter clothing and lighter colored clothing as well. temperatures will continue to heat up. we are talking about 99 in rapid city and nen in miles per
? >> when rebecca brooks who was his right hand woman in england, we had the same book, and we were spending 4,000 pounds a week on private investigators doing these kind of practices and just extraordinary, if she was the department boss, she then moved up to be editor, how could you not notice the spending of over 100 grand a year on this kind of thing and not even ask what it's for, so her position is ludicrous, and even worse than that, and for her to turn afternoon and initially, to turn around and say we don't know about it, it was a rogue reporter acting on his own. and five reporters have been arrested and i was taken into scotland yard and threatened with being arrested three times. it's just like a general saying it wasn't me, it was the soldier. >> okay, paul, for those of us who are on this side of the pond, as you say, we're learning that there's now an fbi investigation, also "the wall street journal," the person who heads "the wall street journal" and was a news of the world editor at one point and also a news corporation executive as well, les hinton has had to resign. we're
's newspapers. rebekah brooks said she felt a deep sense of responsibility for the people who have been hurt. she was the editor of "the news of the world's," where some of the most egregious allegations were made. rupert murdoch has apologized to the thousands of victims of the hacking scandals. the apology will be carried in all of the rupert murdoch newspapers. the company has already lost millions in advertising revenues. more losses are expected. >> rupert murdoch came to london last weekend to take charge of the scandal. he has been since to -- he has been forced to abandon a bid for bskyb. he has been summoned to testify before a parliamentary inquiry. his empire has been shaken by more revelations. the markets have reacted nervously. news corp.'s share prices have plummeted as the loan scandal widened. the scandal is moving closer to report murdoch's base in the u.s. the fbi is investigating reports that a news corp. journalist tried to obtain full information on 9/11 victims. rupert murdoch owns the fox news channel. any damaging revelations here could hit them hard. the investigati
he's sorry for serious wrongdoing. and his british c.e.o., rebekah brooks, apologized, too. with murdoch's support, she toughed out almost two weeks of angry calls for her resignation. finally today she stepped down. but no display of public remorse by murdoch can stop the investigations under way. nine people have now been arrested, including a reporter and several editors. now, next week, on tuesday, we're going to see rupert murdoch, his son and heir apparent james, and rebekah brooks appear before a parliamentary investigation into hacking as witnesses. of course, the question to them will be "what did you know? did you know what was going on at the paper? and if you didn't, why not?" scott? >> pelley: thanks, liz. news corporation has a value of $41 billion but its stock has plummeted since july 1 when the scandal broke. it has lost $6 billion in market value so far. the resignation of les hinton, the c.e.o. overseeing the "wall street journal," was announced after the market closed today. elaine quijano joins us now the late-breaking developments. >> reporter: scott,
" was in the business holding others to account. it failed when it came to itself. rebecca brooks was in charge of news international, murdoch's company that oversaw the "news of the world." she has resigned. also resigning isles hinton, head of downtown jones company, another of mush doc's companies. he was actually the chief at news international when all this hacking first took place. we will be heading live to london for more on this at the top of the hour. >>> we are running out of time. the federal government is anyway. if there is no deal on on raising the debt ceiling by august 2nd, we are told that the u.s. government will not be able to pay all of its bills. president obama again tried to put pressure on republicans during a speech yesterday. >> the clear majority of republican voters think that any deficit reduction package should have a balanced approach and should inclue some revenues. that's not just democrats. that's the majority of republicans. >> now, according to administration officials, here's the poll. the president was referring to here. with a total of 67% saying spending cuts ar
rebecca brooks announced her departure. allegations first emerged that reporters of news of the world hacked in private cell stories. rupert murdoch sayed that news of the world was in the business of holding others to account. it failed when it came to itself . we are sorry for the serious wrongdoing that occurred. we are dopely sorry for the hurt of the individuals. news of the world shut its doors last week. i am jamie colby. see you one p.m. east yern back to forbes on fox. keep it on fox. ♪ new group of critics coming out against the president's health care law. eight demdeps signing a bill to repeal the independent payment advisory board. that is 15 member panel of government appointees in charge of medicare costs. this is help to ration health care? >> this is rich with irony, innocent it? open secret of obama care how to lower end of life cost treatment and move that cost. government subsidized cost toward the young and uninsured. that's the deal, like it or not. for now, democrats who supported obama care complaining that this is going to happen is beyond the pale. >> mark,
resigned. rebekah brooks is the editor of the tabloid that is accused of hacking into phones for stories. >>> a keep piece of nasa technology might be made here in the bay area. a richmond company just finished polishing 18 mirrors to be used in an ultraadvanced space telescope for nas a. the government spent $3 billion of the $6 billion price tag. but now the project is likely going to be scrapped as congress and the president make cuts in federal spending. >>> a bat sell brewing in san francisco between public health officials and so-called hooka lounges. they were ordered to shutdown today. 20 loungees are told to go smoke free or close their doors while 20 others are under investigation over claims of nontobacco use. owners are outraged. they invested a lot of money in the businesses and followed city laws. >> the city allowed us to open up the lounge and a year later saying you can not smoke indoors. >> smokers may not have to go cold turkey. tobacco shops operating in commercial buildings before 2010 can apply for a license for allowing smoking in an enclosed space. >>> a soldier f
murdoch scandal continues. first rebeck ka brooks the head of his newspaper operations resigned. then late this afternoon we learn that the ceo of here is stepping down. can murdoch stop the scandal from completing overwhelming his empire. and finally cue mar and in harold and cue mar leaving the white house for a reoccurring role in "how i met your mother." that's in the side show. tonight's question, who's holding up the agreement? congressman chris van hollen is a democratic from maryland. he joins me now. he's in on the biden talks when those were the center of the debt ceiling negotiations. congressman, we know at this point how this is going on the end. some sort of raise to the debt ceiling, some sort of cuts, but not the grand bargain. do you feel as if your party is politically in a better position today than a week ago when these talks began? >> chuck, i don't know what the end game is going to be. could take another turn. i'm not sure exactly where all the dynamics between the house and the senate are right now. what i do know is that the president said today that he still held
including news world. hinton resignation came after rebecca brooks announced her resignation . news corp ceo rupert murdoch apologized for wrongdoing. he and his son james will testify before the uk parliment on tuesday. here in the u.s. the f.b.i. launched an investigation to find out if reporters tried to hack the phones of 9/11 victims i am uma, back in the top of the hour. stay with us. >> local government digging deep are in your personal love to get cash. a woman in michigan planting a vegetable garden in her front yard . san diego wants to tax pet owners 25 per cat. and right now they don't pay anything. uncle sam is scratching up. >> land of the free. remember that old chest nut. it is a money grab and property grab. the couple is planting tomatoes on their own private property. she wants her own cat it is not infringing on other people's right. why the government has to tax you in every exercise of your freedom i just don't understand. >> in san diego they want to tax each cat and the fear it will end up in shelter and it is a horrible idea. >> we have too many cat in shelters. i wo
hinton in the british job, rebekah brooks resigned this morning. potentially next on the chopping block, somebody even closer to him, rupert murdoch's own son james who has been busy not explaining himself, paying off phone hacking victims on the side. this is a damaging scandal. but that leaves some of the as-yet surviving parts of his media empire in the position of having to cover their boss' really big problem. when that kind of thing goes badly, that kind of thing goes really, really badly. i have seen a lot of amazing things come out of the morning show program on the fox news channel, but although i will admit of having low expectations of howç the fox news channel morning show would handle the murdoch scandal story, i never anticipated it would look like this. >> rebekah brooks has now resigned as chief executive of our parent company's british news corporation. this morning we're finding out the pentagon suffered one of its largest hacking events ever, a psycher theft of more than 125,000 files. the pentagon says they were stolen by a foreign government. what do you make of t
responding to petty crimes but cops went when they were robbed. brooks says it was because there was a suspect at her scene. >> the level of response was based on the fact that there was a suspect in the area and they were coming out because there were still some information that was actionable upon. >> reporter: turns out our purse snatching victim got the same response as councilwoman brooks. officers were on the scene in two minutes flat all because they believed that the thief was still in the area. >> reporter: there is actually a city council charter provision that says the city council member can lose his or her job if they try and exercise influence over another employee or break the chain of command but again both councilmembers say they didn't do either of those things, they were just calling a friend for help when a situation happened. ken? >> well, nobody likes it when they break into your stuff and steals it. christin ayers in oakland, thank you. >>> big brother is watching your every move in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood. the city just installed the first
their jobs but rebecca brooks the woman who ran the paper at the time, milly dowler's phone was hacked was still employed at the head of rupert murdock british newspapers there was public pressure on her to go. today she went. in a statement, brooks said as chief executive of the company i feel a deep sense of responsibility for the people we have hurt. i want to reiterate how sorry i am for what we now know to have taken place." the latest resignation comes from dow jones ceo les hinton a long time news corp executive who ran the british newspaper group in much of the time of the hacking. murdock said he accepted the resignation with a heavy heart saying few people had given more to the cane than les hinton in london, amy kellogg, fox news. >> bret: more on this story with the panel. the astronauts aboard the space station got up a little earlier than they planned today. a bit later, they took an important phone call from earth. correspondent kris gutierrez tells us who was on the other line. >> reporter: from the oval office, president obama made a special phone call today. >> hello,
to account. it failed when it came to it self. rebekah brooks oversaw the news of the world. she resigned. another head of murdoch's companies has stepped down as well. we will take a closer look at the man behind news corp and news international. we are talking about rupert murdo murdoch. more on him and how he got his start in australia. that is coming up. >>> we turn to washington d.c. and the debate over raising the debt ceiling. no debate talks are scheduled for this weekend after a week of talks. the u.s. actually hit its debt limit in may, but we have a deadline of august 2nd now. that is the deadline for getting it raised because that is the day we won't be able to pay some of our bills in the u.s. the stumbling block in the debates are taxes. spending cuts are the way to go. democrats say, however, you need to do away with the tax breaks for wealthy people. the president called on the people to compromise cutting the combining spending cuts with ending tax breaks on the wealthy. we got a response from the republicans. saying we have been down this road before and republicans will
was -- she was murdered prompted the paper to shut down later on. also today, rebecca brooks stepped down as ceo of news international, the corporate parent of news in the world and les hinton the ceo ceo of dow jones also resign today. he ran news international from 1997 to 2005. a shocking split from hollywood tonight. jennifer lopez and mark anthony tell people magazine they've decided to end their marriage. the couple married in 2004, are the parents of 3-year-old twins, max and emmy. and actress me la kunis says despite reports that she was too busy, she is going to go to the marine corps ball with sergeant scott moore. >> i am attending. i'm going november 18th. i will be there. [ cheers and applause ] >> come on. there's no need to applaud. it's nothing great. you guys, i accepted his invitation and i'm staying true to my word. i got permission to be released from work for the day. so i'm flying in and flying out. >> i am attending. that's what she says. sergeant moore is stationed over in afghanistan and he asked kunis to attend the ball in a youtube video. interesting stuff. >> a
, the sort of box office daydiary is tuesday, wolf, when rebekah brooks and rupert murdoch and his son appear before a powerful committee that want to grill him on exactly what's going on on in his paper. did he know about some of the illegal practices going on and if he didn't know, why didn't he know? why didn't he have a grap on his organization and why was it allowed to go so out of control? it will be a fascinating testimony, and it will certainly gone on the biggest audience ever from these committees here. >> we'll watch it every step of the way. dan rivers, thanks very much. >>> and now spreading to murdoch's u.s. empire. telling cnn the fbi launched an investigation. cnn's brian todd is working this part of the story for us. brian what do we know? >> reporter: rupert murdoch in the u.s. pressure is growing more intense. we've spoken to several people on capitol hill and more members of congress are agitating for rupert murdoch to answer to them as well. murdoch and his news organization face the prospect of much more scrutiny ahead. >> reporter: a law enforcement source in the u.s. t
, but a brookings study, for example -- there was a wonderful book called "rights at work" that came out a couple of years ago by brookings, and what you do is you compare accident rates and death rates, and the accident rates and the death rates are somewhat different than they were 20 years ago. one's up a little and one's down a little, but basically the numbers are the same. c-span: who wrote the occupational health and safety act? >> guest: congress wrote the act. c-span: what party or what politician, what side? >> guest: much of the federal regulation came out of the great society, including worker safety laws, and there is a story about worker safety laws which i'm not sure is in the book or not actually. it was at one point. but most people, most americans -- and i would argue very strongly in favor of worker safely laws. all the sweat shops, the horrible child labor abuses of the turn of the century, the lincoln steffens-exposed abuses, occurred because there were no laws, and so everyone quickly slipped down to the level of the greediest manufacturer, because whoever the mean-spirited
in the wake of the investigation . since then several people have resigned, including rebecca brooks who was the news of the world editor when the phone hacking took place . also les hinton stepped down. he over sea the -- he was ceo and pubbler of the wall street journal . both are owned by news corp. they found no evidence of wrong doing in the journal or dow jopes. >> we hear warnings of traveling to mexico. if you are thinking of venturing south of the border and he posted an ad looking for a roommate and now there is no sign of amy. why relatives say there is a connection between her disappearance and a popular on line site . this man accused of murdering a retired army sergeant escaped custody. wait until you see how he managed to get away in the first place. stay with us. where do you go to find a super busine? you know, the ones who do a super job?®. for local maps, reviews and videos & it's the only local search site with the serguarantee®. so next time, let the good guys save the day. get the superguarantee®, only at superpages®. in the book, on your phone or
because of the scandal. rebekah brooks, the chief executive of news international, and dow jones c.e.o. les hinton stepped down. >> tom: norwegian cruise lines is setting sail for the stock market. the miami-based company filed for an initial public stock offering today. it hopes to raise $250 million to repay debt. no word on when it will come to market, but it will trade on nasdaq under the ticker n-c-l-h. also heading the nasdaq? zillow. the real estate listing service today detailed its stock offering plans. it hopes to raise $71 million by selling 3.5 million shares priced as high as $18 a share. it gets the coveted single- letter ticker "z." >> susie: even though investors have a long worry list, tonight's "market monitor" is still optimistic about the outlook for the markets. he's ted cronin, c.e.o. and chief investment officer at manchester capital. the vermont-based investment firm manages almost $2 billion in assets. nice to have you on the program, welcome to your first market monitor. >> thank you very much, it's a pleasure to be here this evening. >> susie: since this
as the chairman of the british u.k. parent hours after chief executive rebecca brooks announced her resignation. allegations first emerged last week that reporters of news of the world hacked into private cell phone accounts for stories. news corporation ceo rupert murdoch issued a statement running in britain's national newspaper, apologizing for any wrongdoing. british police say they've recovered names of 3700 potential victims. shutting its doors last week, it was owned by newscorp, the parent of fox news. we'll keep you updated on any developments. we'll send it back now to cavuto on business, right here on the fox news channel. >> 8 billion dollar a year for parent security including patdowns, on babies? now congress slamming the tsa this week after a new report, detailing that while infants were getting the third degree, there have been 25,000 security breaches at airports since november of 2001. calls now growing to it take airport security out of hands of the government to put airport security in the hands of the private sector, charlie. >> you know, sounds good to me. they can't-- i j
after chief executive brooks announced her resignation. allegations he emerged that reporters of the news of the world hacked into private cell phone accounts for story and rupert murdoch issued a statement running in britain's national newspapers, apologizing for serious wrongdoing and british police say they've arrested at least seven people in the phone hacking investigation and recovered a list of 3700 names of potential victims. news the world shut its doors last week, owned by newscorp, the parent company of fox news. i'm jamie colby, more developments as they happen. now back to bulls and bears only here on the fox news chann channel. >> brenda: consumers feeling down, with prisses on almost everything going up. general mills the late he is to warn of price spikesen it's not just food. cars, clothes, health care, you name it, all up last month. eric, how bad is it going to get? >> going to get a lot worse, brenda. only three ways out of it. if you print money you can do qe3 or whatever to pay some of the debt. prices go up because you devalue the dollar. if you borrow f
furious at what happened. they had been calling for rebecca brooks, who was the editor of the newspaper who allegedly hacked in, calling for her to resign. she didn't at the time. only 11 days later that she resigned. the reason that the parents were so angry is that while their child was missing, they had been calling and calling her mobile phone, leaving message, begging her to get in contact with them. that filled up her voice mail. whenever anyone calls, it says this mailbox is full. news of the world's journalist hacked into that phone, listened to the messages and deleted them. which meant when the family got in later on, they believed millie listened to them and then deleted them. they believed she was still alive and it gave them false hope because she was not still alive rupert murdoch apologized. this is not over yet. rebecca brooks, james murdoch and rupert murdoch have been summoned to appear before what's called is select committee. then mp's will be able to ask them many questions about the actions of the journalists working for one of their newspapers at the time. it's th
murdochs top employees resigned today. rebecca brooks resigned from head of the british newspaper division in charge of the top selling tabloid news of the world when reporters hacked people's cell phones and reported by bribed for information on celebrities, politicians and even 9/11 victims. the scandal spread to the u.s. late today when dow jones ceo ralph hinton resigned, influential publisher of the wall street journal. he previously ran news corp. at the height of the hacking scandal. he says he was ignorant of the misconduct but feels it is proper for him to resign. >>> so it's here, carmageddon. up next a live update from los angeles on the construction project now underway that many fear will cause weekend gridlock. >>> we'll take you to lake tahoe where the extra wet winner has created a somewhat un-- wet winter has created a somewhat unusual situation there. >> we're going to talk about temperatures, slightly warmer than today and a lot of fog, maybe some drizzle for your bay area weekend. from >>> the traffic nightmare southern california has dreaded for weeks has officially be
it quits today. brooks the chief executive officer of the u.k. unit submitted her resignation the editor when employees there allegedly hacked into the voice mail of a teenaged murder victim. and les hinton resigned from his current job at dow jones. news corp is the parent company of this network. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to on the record. for your latest headlines log on to >> as to the charge of first degree murder verdict as to count one we the jury find the defendant not guilty so say we all orlando, orange county, florida on this fifth day of july 2011 signed foreperson. >> greta: casey anthony will soon be walking free many the jury found her not guilty. now you hear from her defense -- her defense attorney cheney mason. we interviewed one of the jurors, the foreperson watch he said was the reason behind the finding was the prosecution couldn't prove to them beyond a reasonable doubt the cause of death. i asked him to explain this duct tape. because it has hung up a lot of viewers. could you explain to me, we don't have the photograph. where was the duck tape o
says send it to gwendolyn brooks. you know who she is. the poet laureate of illinois. we will send it to her. she teaches at such and such college and i sent it to her and a few months later she called me in to her office and said look, young man, i don't know what you intend to do with your life but you ought to be a writer. that made an impression on me. so from their, i read defined myself and went on to become a columnist for the chicago sun times at the age of 19 and might have once at. >> we both know clarence page is very well. wonderful story how he got hired on the chicago tribune with 1969, westside gone up in flames and chicago tribune revenues room to find out who they could send who knew the west side and there was nobody. clarence gets hired. did you have a similar experience getting into the business? >> not exactly but i got in on the the same energy. beginning with a 1965 riot you are talking about the time when for reasons we should not go into in depth most major metropolitan newspapers saw no need to higher anybody black some most of them didn't have anybody bla
the resignation of rebecca brooks, that was a step in the right direction. there's going to be full-page apologies in the london newspapers. clearly the onus now is on murdock. this is a huge black eye around the world for his empire. and naturally people are going to be suspicious about whether or not any of his u.s. media properties indulged in any of the same kind of questionable conduct. murdock has a lot of to do to repair the tattered image of his company. >> howard, good to talk to you. >>> deal or no deal, is there a safe haven for your money in all of this debt mess that we're talking about? coming up next. but with advair, i'm breathing better so now i can take the lead on a science adventure. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator, working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chan
the fall, his top editor, rebekah brooks, plur dock has described her as like a daughter to him. she's been in charge of his tabloid news of the world during the start of the hacking scandal and yesterday les hinton fell on his sword. hinton oversaw news corp international as the scandal initially broke years ago. "wall street journal" reporters tweeted there was gasp in the newsroom when employees learned minute t hinton was out. tuesday they appear before parliament to face tough questioning. a short time ago we spoke with the former chair of the leading british broadcasting company and he predicts that murdock could get quite a grilling asking whether reporters may have broken laws, independent news gathers or were following his agenda. >> i think that is the question that media commentators and competitors and politicians have wanted to ask mr. murdock for 30 years. and it is the bigger wider question, is there undue influence between his news papers and politics and governments in this country or is it a conspiracy theory. >> and of course the fbi is in the throw oigs of its investigat
these sorts of practices? >> yeah, well people under him should have known. i mean, when rebecca brooks who is his right-hand woman in britain were doing my job -- i became deputy feature editor, we were looking at the same books we had. and we were spending 4,000 pounds a week on private investigators doing these practices. and it's extraordinary, you know, if she was the department boss who then moved up to be editor, mine, how could you not notice the spend of over $100,000 a year on this kind of thing and not ask what it's for. her position is ludicrous. and even worse than that, for her to turn around and initially for them to say we didn't know about it, it was a rogue reporter acting on his own. and now five reporters have been arrested. i've been invited to scotland yard to be arrested three times. they were still saying we didn't know. it was just reporters actsing on their own. >> rupert murdoch and his son james have agreed to testify tuesday at a parliamentary hearing on the scandal. >>> she was tried, she was acquitted, and now she's about to be set free. casey anthony's murder
executive brooks announced her resignation and allegations first emerged last week that reporters of news of the world hacked into private cell phone accounts for stories. news corporation's ceo rupert murdoch has issued a statement, running in britain's national newspapers, apologizing for any serious wrongdoing. british police say they've arrested at least seven people and have recovered at least 3700 names of potential victims, news of the world shuts-- shuts its door last week, shut its doors last week and it was owned by news corps, the parent company of fox news. >> there are protesters ratcheting the up the pressure on syrian president assad with a series of major rallies across that country. but the government is fighting back. activists claim security forces killed at least 28 people yesterday during the largest demonstrations since this uprising began. rina ninen is covering all of it live from jerusalem. tell us about the new protests. anything different? >> despite the government crackdown it's pretty amazing that people are still turning out, in fact, in the largest numbers
relations fiasco. he and his son james and rebekah brooks, his shamed lieutenant, will all appear before parliament, and i think you're going to see the modern-day version of a public flogging. it's going to be ugly and his son james himself is not out of hot water y. his son james could face serious charges in this. >> indeed. in the u.s. we're watching this as a drama unfolding involving a very powerful man, but over in the uk it's been called the british watergate. why is that? >> reporter: this is huge. you just cannot underestimate or should i say overestimate the importance of this because the people of britain have discovered something they didn't know, that for the last 30 years murdoch through the power of these papers, and he owns four of the major papers, 40% of the circulation in this country, has been bullying politicians of all parties to follow his political line, and if you didn't, he destroyed you in his papers, and now they're discovering that, and now he has been brought to his knees. >> a huge story on both sides of the pond. jeffrey kofman, thank you. >>> and now to
ones on 9/11. casualty just keep coming. head of murdoch operation here rebecca brook resigneded friday and so did the the head of the company that runs the wall street journal in new york he used to be here in england. he too has resigned. as for the if family they told most powerful men in the world they could for give him but not forget. this is abc news london. >>> l united states will formally recognize libya main opposition group as the country legitimate government. secretary of state hillary clinton made that announcement today. >> until interim authority is in place united states will recognize the tfc as legitimate governing authority for libya and we will deal with it on that basis. in contrast the united states views gadhafi rejaime as no longer having legitimate authority in libya. >>reporter: decision will potentially free up 30 billion in frozen asset that the rebel fighting lybian force urgently need. more than 30 other country also agree to recognize the rebel forces now. united states if had balked at full recognition until now because they worried they w
international chief executive rebekah brooks also bowed to pressure to step down. yesterday the media mogul apologized in person after meeting the family of murdered school girl milly dowler whose phone was hacked by "news of the world" in 2002. >> founder of the company, i was appalled to find out what had happened. >> reporter: tuesday brooks and rupert murdoch and his son, james, will be grilled by a parliamentary committee about what they knew. tom watson, a member of parliament who will question them, told me the apologies are late and hollow. >> every week, every month there's been a new revelation they've denied and subsequently had to admit. it's a half apology i'm afraid. >> parliament said on tuesday don't expect the murdochs will answer any and all questions because of an ongoing criminal investigation, but they will be pressed if they try to dodge basic probing with regard to what they knew and when. >> thank you. also is lloyd grove, editor at large for "newsweek" magazine and the daily beast. lloyd great to have you with us >> good morning. >> we've seen the two high-profile r
of news international and this came hours after brooks announced her resignation. and murdoch has apologized for serious wrongdoing in a full page ad running this weekend in british newspapers. news international is owned by the parent company of fox news. and facebook, proving to be a live safer for a four-year-old boy. a mother posted a picture of her son who she thought had an allergic reaction but a facebook friend recognized it bass a potentially fatal condition and it towns out her friend was right, and because of the facebook diagnosis, he received treatment before it was too late. >> after seven years of marriage, j lo' and marc anthony call it quits. they said "we have decided to end our marriage, a very difficult decision, and pain will time for all involved and we appreciate the respect of our privacy at this time." the two recently performed this very steamy routine at "american idol," in may, and it was hot, and parents of three-year-old twins, but they are divorcing now. >> she might have then her back out during that. >> i doubt, she who is known her back out a long
'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >>> "the insider" is on. >>> casey anthony is set to get out of jail this weekend. >> people will recognize her. they will point at her. they will make comments about her. >> will she be followed, forced into hiding? will her parents shut her out? >> she's estranged from her parents. people in her neighborhood back in orlando do not want her around. >> her plan to go into law enforcement? >> she's looking into a possible career in law. >>> so, this is the chosen humans. >>> "people's" sexiest man's secret romance. >> which oscar winner was ryan reynolds spotted with? >>> and casting the "sex and the city" preq
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